semen retention relapse

Semen retention relapse

As I said many times, relapse is a normal thing in your semen retention journey

If you relapse on semen retention, and there are five steps that you must execute, so that you don’t get trapped in the cycle of relapse, whereby one leads to the next where’d you get shamed about yourself. And then you just keep on getting stuck in that negative feedback loop. 

5 steps to avoid semen retention relapse 

You must execute the five steps, and I’m about to share them with you. These five steps do not only apply to semen retention but they’re applied to any destructive behavior pattern that you find yourself engaging in. If you execute these steps, they will be a way for you to let go of these behaviors and move towards growth, rather than get stuck in this negative feedback loop. 

Have a vision for the future

 If you do not know why you do what you do, if you do not know why you study personal development, watch these personal development articles, try to improve yourself, Why do you do these things, if you don’t have a vision for the future that compels you, then you are also stuck in a loop, you’re just doing things without even knowing why you are doing them. And that is not something that will motivate you over the long term.

So step number zero is essential for you to create a vision for the future that drives you that excites you. Because if you don’t, then it’s very simple to default to what feels good in the present moment right here, right now. Okay, that’s step number zero. Before you do that, it’s like engaging in all these personal development practices and trying to improve yourself. Like why are you doing this? What’s the purpose of all of this, right? You need that vision because, without a vision, the people will perish, okay. 

Get awareness

When you relapse when you engage in that destructive behavior pattern when you do something that is against your values, and you find yourself in that situation where you feel kind of shameful about it, that is a time to disconnect.

That is a time for step number one to get awareness on what has just gone on the right, disconnecting from the emotion of the moment, disconnecting from the behavior, understanding that it’s not about your identity, it’s not about shaming yourself. Because if you shame yourself, then you will feel bad about it. And when you feel bad about it, you will try to escape it. And when you try to escape it is more often than not true. Another destructive behavior pattern of shame does not serve you it does not serve anyone. But it’s about getting awareness. Okay, this thing happened, right, getting objective awareness on the thing that has happened. 

Understanding why it happened

And then moving on to the next step, which is about understanding why it happened, okay? Because everything that you do on a repeated basis, is for a reason you do it because you get a dopamine hit from it, you do it because you feel good about it at the moment, even though it robs you of your future. Okay, so step number one is to get awareness on it to disconnect from it. And step number two is to get awareness on why this thing has happened.

What was the trigger in your environment that signaled you towards doing this, okay? Because it’s more often than not, they call it a halt, you’re hungry, you’re angry, you’re lonely, or you’re tired, you feel a certain state of emotion. And this destructive behavior pattern becomes a means to escape that state to change your state. And even though it changes state at the moment, and gives you a little bit of a spike, it takes you even lower than you were before it. Okay, so identifying that trigger is essential, right?

Replay the scenario

 Step number three is to replay that scenario in your mind. Okay, replay the scenario we’re going about your life. And something in the environment triggers this destructive behavior pattern, you catch yourself. And then identifying how you will replace this behavior. Okay, it’s way more difficult to let go of a habit and just end it cold turkey rather than replace it with something that is empowering, right. And this is the art of using AI, which is ancient intelligence, installing the algorithms into your basal ganglia to replace the behaviors that are not serving you with behaviors that do lift you. So next time that you do experience a trigger, right replay in your mind’s eye.

 I’m going about my life. I just finished up my work is the night I have a bit of free time, I feel kind of lonely. And then I’m tempted to open up some website address Okay, that was a trigger to open up the website address. So then it’s like are about replacing that it’s like, if I feel lonely, then I will call up my friend then I will go and send a message to someone then I will log in to you know, some clubhouse chat room or whatever it is to replace the destructive behavior with something more empowering than that.

Asking yourself, okay, what the highest version of myself do at that moment, right? replaying the scenario in your mind’s eye. I was going about my day, I experienced a trigger. Okay, right before I exhibited the behavior of relaxing on the disruptive baby pattern, whether it’s even retention, whether it’s alcohol, whether it’s a weed, whatever it is thinking about what would the highest version of myself do at that moment? ask yourself that question. And the answer will come up. 


The next step to avoid semen retention relapse is to replay the scenario and observe or visualize in your mind’s eye going through that scenario. And engaging in the empowering habit will give visualize that experience and emotionally about replacing the destructive behavior pattern with the empowering ritual or routine. And then you see yourself going about your day. So then the next time that this comes around, you have already practiced it, you have already visualized it in your mind’s eye.

Again, this is not some woo woo stuff, okay? You have to try this out for yourself to see if it works or not, you can be like, Oh, this guy’s lying, or this guy’s telling the truth, but it doesn’t matter whether I’m lying when I’m trying with truth, whether it’s good, whether it’s bad, whether it’s right or whether it is wrong, the only thing that matters whether you implement this whether you execute it and notice the results for yourself, and let go of the destructive behavior patterns and past create the space for new more empowering routines and rituals that lift you towards the person that you know in your heart of hearts you are capable of being okay because that’s really what it comes down to.

We do not choose our futures but we do choose our habits and our habits determine our future and if you can begin replacing the destructive behavior habits with empowering ones and you are setting yourself up on a trajectory towards creating a life that you love. 

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