Semen retention meaning

Semen retention meaning

Do you watch porn? Do you masturbate? If you do, then read this closely because I’ve got some bad news. But I’ve got some good news as well. Lets start by semen retention meaning.

What is semen retention?

Now, let’s explore the mysterious world of semen retention. So let’s start by taking an overview of what porn is and how it affects your brain, then we’re going to look at the advantages of abstaining from porn and semen retention. Then we’re going to look at some of the critiques of semen retention and the darker side of nofap. And then finally, we’ll finish with a roadmap about how to masturbate responsibly. And I want to remind you that this is your responsibility.  

The world that we’re living in now gives us access to unlimited stimulation. And it’s your responsibility to set boundaries for yourself. Nobody’s going to do that. It is your job to navigate your reality. Nobody’s going to come and help you. This is down to you. So what is semen retention? Why is it so easy to slip into the habit of watching porn regularly? And why is it so easy to maybe get addicted? 

Semen retention meaning

Well, first, we’ve got to discuss language, language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about. So when people refer to semen retention, what exactly are they talking about? Now, some of you may be laughing because we’re going to have to get into the specifics. But we have to make sure we’re talking about the same thing. If we want to have a meaningful conversation around this whole topic. 

There are three main things that people may talk about. There’s porn, there’s masturbation, and there’s orgasm. And although these things are now used almost interchangeably in modern reality, you know, most people masturbate whilst watching porn, and that results in an orgasm, we’ve got to get clear on the separate and how they’re all different things. For example, why this is so important is in the nofap community, most of them believe that masturbation is normal, as long as it’s in moderation, but porn is unhealthy. But when you call it no fap people lump those two things together, people abstain from masturbation for the rest of their life, which may cause long-term consequences. 

So we’ve got to recognize the difference between porn, masturbation, and orgasm if we want to have a proper conversation, and in this article, we’re going to be talking about all three of those things.

Why is it so easy to maybe get addicted to porn?

Why it’s so stimulating and why we get addicted to it. And why is it so easy to get into this regular habit of porn consumption or even get the addicted will to understand that this is what the whole mental momentum dopamine detox is about? 

The brain rewards us for things that it thinks are going to increase our chance of survival. If we eat a lot of calories, the brain thinks this is great, we need calories for survival, and it rewards us with stimulation to try to get us to do that behavior. Again. When we orgasm, the brain goes says a good job, because obviously, orgasm is linked with preg Nation, which is linked with continuing the human species. So whenever we orgasm, the brain rewards us with stimulation, because it believes that we’re increasing the chance of human survival. But this has some problems.

 Our reward system is part of the primitive part of the brain at the center of the brain. So it doesn’t know the difference between porn and actual sex. So it rewards us for porn when it shouldn’t because that isn’t increasing the likelihood of survival. 

On top of this, we have the Coolidge effect. If you put a rat in a cage with a female rat, they’re going to make pretty quickly, but over time, the male rat is going to get tired of mating with that female rat, and it’s going to stop. But if you take the female rat out, and you put in a new female rat, a different female rat, the male rat is gonna have energy again, and it’s gonna start meeting again, novelty is stimulating, but also the same can be found in humans.

They were measuring the penis circumference of men when they were watching porn, and they would show the porn on repeat again and again, again, the same movie, and eventually, their penis circumference decreased. But then when a new porn movie was put on the penis circumference enlarged, novelty is stimulating and with Internet porn, we have access to unlimited novelty, whatever you want, you can find it with porn. And whenever we have such intense stimulation, our brain starts to make pathways to lead to that stimulation. Remember it view stimulation is good and at once, it makes it easier for you to get to that stimulation. And heavy in theory states that neurons that fire together wire together.

So constant neurons are being fired and you’re getting a pathway that makes it so difficult to ignore the cravings. Because when you have cravings, the brain thinks this is incredible. Let’s do this. The stimulation is immense. And that’s why we get into the habit of regular porn consumption or even addiction.

What happens if you abstain from porn?

What happened if you stopped masturbating? Let’s talk about some of the benefits of semen retention. Then we’ll move on to some of my critiques, and finally, the roadmap for masturbating responsibly. 


The first benefit of semen retention is spirituality. Some people believe that semen is spiritual and contains a lot of energy. So if we can keep it, we keep our masculine energy inside of us. I’m not going to get too deep into this in this article, it’s not something I’m too familiar with.

Brain reboot:

The second benefit is that by doing semen retention, you’re removing the downsides, the negative consequences of watching porn, which is both physical and psychological, some physical consequences could be removing sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction, and similar things removing tiredness, lots of people in the nofap community report tiredness and sluggishness and brain fog when they watch porn. And also you just stop wasting time. 

Porn takes up a certain period. So by doing semen retention, you’re freeing up that time to do something else. And on the psychological side of things, by removing porn, you may get a slightly more accurate view of what sex is in real life. And also, you’re going to remove that stimulation, which means it’s going to be easier for you to do boring things.

Some of the stuff is that when you get access to very stimulating things, it’s more difficult to do boring things because your brain is constantly comparing the boring thing to the stimulating thing. But also, one of the reported benefits that I hear a lot of people talking about is that they feel like a superhero, or they feel like a monk, they get laser discipline, they get incredible amounts of energy. That’s some of the benefits that lots of people report. And some of those benefits sound pretty compelling. Feeling like a superhero, getting that energy, that laser focus that sounds incredible. But it wouldn’t be fair to only talk about the benefits. Let’s talk about some of the critiques. The first critique is that I worry that people are emphasizing the wrong thing. 

What if I stopped masturbation?

Porn has obvious negative consequences. But masturbation doesn’t have so obvious negative consequences. It has some benefits. I think the most important thing is why are you doing it? And how frequently are you doing it? Why are you doing it? Are you doing it to escape? Are you doing it to try and shut off from reality and get a break from the real world and just stop thinking for a couple of minutes? If that’s the case, then drill down to the root cause of the problem and deal with that. Because even if you stop masturbating, the problem is going to pop up in different areas of your life, address the root cause.

The second thing is, how often are you doing it is a serious problem? Or is it something you just do now and again? If it’s more than every day, or multiple times a day, then maybe it’s a problem. But if it’s infrequent, then that’s okay. One of the four stoic cardinal virtues is temperates. All moderation, everything is okay. In moderation. 

Second of all, what’s the utility? Why are you doing nofap? Well, I’m doing nofap to get more energy and to get more focus. But why do you need those things? What’s the real-world utility of doing those things? I believe that growth for the sake of growth is the mindset of a virus, not of a human, we should be doing things with purpose. 

My longest nofap streak was when I was doing an intense bit of research for the procrastination program. I wasn’t even trying to do nofap, I was just so intensely doing something else, that that wasn’t something that was on my priority list. So have real-world utility, instead of always focusing on what not to do, try and add more things to your plate, give a purpose, something that you’re passionate about something that you love to do, and that’s going to be a consequence of it, your identity shouldn’t be built around nofap, your identity shouldn’t be built around something as simple as abstaining from porn. 

When you put a lot of focus on that if you’re reading the subreddit, if you’re constantly thinking about nofap, that’s going to be a trigger, and you’re more likely to relapse you’re more likely to masturbate. And the third critique is are the benefits as big as people make them out to be? I’ve done nofap for 90 days. And to be fair, I did notice an increase in my energy I would say that’s the overall benefit.

Get prepared!

 I just think it’s important to bring up the counterarguments when you’re going to be doing something new like that. I think that abstaining from porn is a great step in reducing the stimulation you get in your life, I think it’s going to increase your energy and your focus, and also your attention span, I recommend it but just be aware of the critiques as well. So if this is something that you want to do, and again, I would recommend it, I think it’s great, especially if you have more of a problem with porn than other people. Let’s walk through how you can masturbate responsibly, and how you can abstain from porn if that is something that you want to do. 

Semen retention difficulty levels

There are three different difficulty levels, abstaining from porn, abstaining from porn and masturbation, and abstaining from porn, masturbation, and sex. Pick the difficulty level that’s going to work for you. 

You’ve got to be very, very careful when you’re going about the process of self-improvement, that you’re not doing things that you’re worried you won’t be able to complete. Because if you relapse that’s providing your brain with negative evidence that you can’t make progress in your life.

 So start small, it’s better to walk than it is to run and trip up. And also instead of always focusing on nofap thinking, nofap, nofap…..

Again, that’s going to cause a trigger, which is going to make it likely for you to relapse, focus on something else, get other things into your mind, start obsessing about other things. Then, nofap is going to be a consequence of those things instead of always focusing on what you shouldn’t do focus on what you should do as well. 

Relapse is normal

Finally, remember that recovery is nonlinear. Even if you relapse doesn’t view that as a massive mistake, view the trajectory that you’re going to be taking view your life as seven-day rolling averages instead of single static points. If you relapsed once, after 14 days of non-relapsing, you haven’t just reset all of the benefits you still did 14 days without watching porn or masturbating and that’s great. So don’t just slip straight back into old habits, viewed as a minor setback, and remove forwards from their recovery is nonlinear. 

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