Semen retention magnetism

On semen retention, you will notice something that seems kind of contradictory, like many things in life, but seems to be true. On one hand, more people will want to be your friend or more people will stare at you, or take a second glance at you in public. But on the other hand, it almost seems like you’re alone more at the time, you’re in solitude more of the time. And this is true, both are true.  That’s what we call semen retention magnetism.

Semen retention magnetism meaning

When you’re assigning you, you have your seed, and you have all of your lifeforce energy, okay, you have more physical energy, but you also have more spiritual energy. 

Your skin might be better. And you may be more positive, but you, it’s people can feel you can feel your energy can feel your presence in a way that they couldn’t before. And even people they don’t know, if you’re riding a bike or walking along the street, other people may notice you a little more glanced at you. That’s that glow that we’re talking about. That’s that magnetism that I’ve been talking about, that other people have been talking about. 

You may become solitude

Okay. But So on one hand, people will want to be your friend more, or if people want to, people kind of know what’s up with you. All right, people will maybe like your pictures more on social media, if you post on social media, your friends want to hang out a little more, or this might face your direction subconsciously, without thinking about it. People used to hang out with, even if they’re not in your vicinity might text you or call you.

These things are all normal. So more people want to be your friend. But at the same time, you’re gonna find yourself more often not in solitude, meaning, most of us who retain we are focused on a purpose or focus on doing something. Even you guys, you don’t have a purpose. Most of you are focused on trying to find a purpose or create a purpose for yourself. And so it’s kind of a contradictory statement.

They want your energy

 While retaining, more people will want to be your friend more people will be attracted to you, in terms of women will be attracted to you. But even men will want to either like your energy and look up to you or they’ll be jealous of you. But either way, more people will be drawn towards you, whether for love or it. Whether it is because they envy you or they like you whatever. But you’ll find yourself alone more of the time.

This is because when you’re holding on to your energy, you don’t need the energy of other people so much anymore. It’s not that you hate other people. Okay, I love other people, I love hanging around with high-quality people that I enjoy, that have a good energy that has a good positive vibe. I feel that are going to uplift me as I can uplift them. But when you have all your energy, not just your physical but your spiritual energy, your consent and you’re not by yourself, alright, you can go for walks by yourself, you can go get takeout or even sit down restaurant by yourself. You can, you know, whatever hobbies that you do, you can go do them by yourself, okay? You are more concerned with being alone. 

Many of you guys coming to the internet are introverted and are concerned with being alone anyways. But it’s different when you when other people want to hang out with you. And you still prefer to be alone. Not that you hate other people, but you want to protect your energy. You know, and you’re more, you’re a little more sensitive on similar attachment.  

Choose the right persons

You are more aware of when people are trying to take your energy and you are much more careful about who you interact with who you even talk with who you even engage with even texting. 

If you’re not then you should be most of you guys who started doing even for just a few weeks can feel this. And I’m writing this article because I want to caution the guys who are just started out doing semen retention, not to cut everybody off not to tell you shouldn’t tell your friends to f*** off or anything like that. But not to indulge too much in maybe the extra attention that you’re getting. 

Yes, it’s nice that more people want to be your friends or that more women find you attractive that people are pulled towards you. This is great, it’s cool, it feels good. But protect your energy. You also can art getting it is an even better place to just hang out by yourself. Not that you have to Be a complete lone wolf. But you should utilize this time. Okay, you should utilize this time for yourself, that’s why you’re doing retention, you’re not doing it, you shouldn’t be doing it to get women or to make more friends or stuff like this, you should be doing it to work on your purpose. Or even just to get in better shape, or to evolve in a certain area to improve in a certain area in your life or, or multiple areas in your lives.

Now having people being drawn towards you, expanding your friend group, or networking, meeting more people, maybe meeting a high-quality woman with who you could have a relationship with in the future. These things all happen while doing semen retention, but these are side effects of it. 

Focus on your semen retention goal

 I don’t want you guys to get too caught up in the people being drawn to you. This is true, but I don’t want that to be the main reason do you see my attention? Alright, especially like you guys doing it for that, you know, the woman attended, the woman giving you attention while you’re retaining? I know it feels nice, but you need to be using your energy wisely.

Okay, you just on your purpose? Yes, women will choose upon you. And yeah, you can go talk to a woman if you want to, but retain for the period that you said you were gonna retain for if you said that you were gonna retain for three months, retaining for three months. If you said six months, then stick to that six months, if you said a year that stick to that year. And if you didn’t give yourself any kind of a period, then you should consider doing that. Because retaining isn’t just about feeling good. Yes, it feels good. But it’s not. It shouldn’t be just about that. As men, we need to be logical, okay.

So it’s nice that people want to be your friend. It’s nice that women like you, it’s nice that people notice your presence more, but you shouldn’t be doing it for that. Alright, that’s a nice side effect. But the main reason you should be retaining is to use this towards your purpose, or to use it to towards some goal or some area in your life that you want to elevate. 

So I can’t have time with other people?

Yes, you can make more friends while retaining. But you shouldn’t be spending all your weekends going out, partying or going out and just hanging out with friends all day, you’re not working on your business, you need to get ahead right now, retaining is a special time in your life, because you’re probably not going to go forever. Most of you are probably not going to remain forever, that’s a fact. Unless you are then cool. But I’m not going to and most of you probably aren’t going to either. Now maybe when you’re older, you may retain for some time, but most likely, most of us are going to be in relationships have children. 

So while you’re doing it, use your time wisely. Focus on something that’s going to continue that’s going to add value to your life for a lot longer. Okay, use your time now, to invest in your wealth and your health. And put yourself in a great position for the future. Don’t focus and use this time really, to be more in solitude, not complete solitude unless you’re doing a monk mode. But more solitude.

When you’re doing semen retention, you have more energy, you don’t need to be around a bunch of people, which is a lot of a big part of the reason why people want to be around you. But don’t overindulge in that. Alright, don’t over socialize, you can socialize a little bit. But use this time for yourself, to hang out, not just hang out by yourself to be by yourself. But to use the solitude to work on your business. Work on your purpose, to elevate yourself, also elevate yourself spiritually elevate yourself physically make this a time to eat right? You should eat right the rest of your life. 

Build good habits

The semen retention period is a great time to build these habits. Because you’re going to be doing this alone. Or I see retention as a solitary practice. Or to practice what you do in solitude. You’re not doing it with any I mean, we can all be doing it at the same time. That way you can say where community. But if one of you guys busing on I don’t I’m still doing it. You’re not likewise by bus. And you don’t you’re still doing it on? All right. It’s an individual thing.

We’re all on a journey. Well, come here, online. So we can share ideas and we can build each other up and mentor each other and grow. But we’re each on an individual journey. All right, we have our path. Let’s see retention is a path that you by yourself. You either succeed or you fail 100% because of you, which is a beautiful thing. And it is a frightening thing for some guys who haven’t taken responsibility for their lives yet. 

Use your energy wisely

 Protect it from people that you don’t need in your life is for people who are just gonna leech off of you. And don’t get too caught up in the fact that people like your energy. Yes, cool. All right, people like the glow that you have. That’s cool. But don’t get too caught up in that. Don’t get too caught up in the ego boost you get from that.

Stay focused, work on your purpose. Yes, have a beautiful woman checking you out, you can go talk to her and maybe that she can be a woman you engage with once you’re done retaining, but don’t get caught up chasing women don’t get caught up being the cool guy and trying to you know, you know, just be the Mr. Social Work on your purpose. Yes, you can make some new friends, but work on your purpose. Keep that as your number one thing.

 Focus on yourself

Be comfortable with yourself, hanging out by yourself, living life by yourself. There are going to be plenty of people who want to be part of your life. You can take some time for them. But you got to be selfish with your time right now and make it about you and your progress and your goals.

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