Nofap sleep problems

A lot of people are asking: how does nofap affect your sleep? Does nofap hurt your sleep? And what can I expect? So, I decided to answer those questions about Nofap sleep problems.

Will Nofap affect my sleep?

With this in mind, anytime you change your lifestyle, your body in mind is going to have to go through a phase of adjustment. So there’s going to be a period where you might not be able to sleep. Because chances are, if you’re using PMO in the past, you may have been using it as a sleep aid, or part of your nightly routine. And so anytime you change that, your body’s going to be like, wait a minute, something’s different here. And you might not be able to fall asleep.

Story: Nofap sleep problems

 I never had any problems with sleeping. And I used to use PMO right before I went to bed every night. That was my routine, I would go through my whole day, I get to the end of the day, I would use PMO before I went to sleep. And then I would go to bed. And I did this for several years. But once I quit, I never realized or experienced any difficulties sleeping. In fact, over time, what happened was, I was sleeping a little bit less, but I was just getting up earlier, almost like the quality of my sleep was better.

If you want to learn more about sleep, and the importance of sleep, I highly recommend the work of Matthew Walker, he wrote the book, why we sleep and he’s on, he’s been on a bunch of different podcasts. He’s on the Joe Rogan podcast. And he has a lot of extremely cool insight into how sleep is the biggest performance enhancer for humans. 

You don’t need to sleep a lot

You need to sleep less, and you need to just grind it out, man, you need to work to get what you want out of life and achieve goals. And that is how Nofap will help you.  

Matthew Walker proves through years of research in science that sleep is the biggest performance enhancer that we have available to us. And it’s so important for us to get adequate sleep and have that sleep be high quality. 

Nofap will increase your sleep quality

I don’t think that it will affect your sleep that much unless you’re just starting, and your body’s readjusting to a new lifestyle. 

If you’re beginning your nofap journey, you might have a little problem sleeping the first week or two, but push past that temporary, little challenge. And the rewards are so great man because no fap will completely change your life. And it’ll change how you feel about yourself in so many different ways. 

It’s such a dynamic, it has such a dynamic effect on your life. And you just need to push past that uncomfortable period where you might have a little difficulty sleeping. That is if you even have that but if you’re like me, you might just transition nice and smooth right into a nofap lifestyle. 

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