Nofap relapse

What exactly is a relapse on nofap? I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about when something is a relapse, they might ask something like, Well, I was watching to do videos, but I did not climax. I was touching myself, but I did not climax. Is this a relapse? Or someone might ask? Well, I was scrolling Instagram. And then I stumbled upon a picture of a pretty girl and I got aroused. Did I relapse? Yes or no? So in this article, I’m going to quickly talk to you guys about what exactly a relapse is. And when someone relapses or not. 

Nofap relapse

Now, the very first point, probably the most important one is you need to understand is that there is no one definition of a relapse. But relapse is a personal thing. It depends on your own goals. I would say that, in essence, a relapse is where you break your own goals, you break your goals, and you go back to the old bad habits that you decided not to do.

For example, you set the goal for yourself, that you are not going to watch any dirty videos, but you are going to make love to your girlfriend and climax with her. So in that case, if you do watch the dirty videos, that is a relapse.

But if you make love to your girlfriend, and you climax with her, Well, then you did not relapse. But if it is your goal to go for 100% semen retention. And in that case, your girlfriend seduces you. And you climax with her.

Well, in that case, it is a relapse. And so if you are having questions like Well, I was peeking at the dirty websites, but it was not touching myself. Or maybe you have a question like I was edging? You know, I edged to the dirty videos, but I did not climax. Did I relapse? Yes or no? Well, the answer is, what was your goal? If it was your goal? To not watch the duty videos? then the answer is, Yes, you did relapse because your goal was to not watch those videos. And you did watch those videos.

It depends on your goals: 

 So you broke your goals, you relapsed and if it was your goal to do allow yourself to watch the new videos, but the only thing you wanted to do was not climax to them. Well, in that case, adding to the videos, but not climaxing is not a relapse.

Now, we could go into a discussion about whether or not that is a good goal. I would generally not recommend having that as a goal. Because I do think that edging is not the greatest thing you can do. But putting that aside, if for some reason, hypothetically, that is your goal, then edging is not a relapse, you see a relapse is not what I tell you it should be it is not what someone else tells you it should be. But it is about breaking your own goals, right, the goals that you set for yourself. As soon as you break these goals. And you go back to your old bad habits. That is when you relapse. I think the next very important point is that it has to be a conscious thing if it happens by accident. 

For example, a friend sends you a link on your phone, and it’s an anonymous link. You click it, it happens to be a dirty video and you see it and you think oh, that’s a dirty video. I don’t want to watch these things. And then you click it away. That’s not a relapse. Yes, you have might have technically seen the dirty video, but you did not consciously break your goals. It’s just something that happens to happen to you by accident. And so it’s not a relapse. 

Don’t make up excuses:

Now, it is extremely important here that you need to be honest with yourself, okay, so you can’t use this as an excuse. You can say, Well, I stumbled upon this video by accident. So now I’ll just watch it for 10 minutes and I start touching myself a little bit. As soon as you do that, you’re just making up an excuse, right? Don’t make up an excuse, click the video away. Now there’s no reason to panic, you don’t need to panic and think oh, I need to click it away as fast as I can just be gone.

Recognize the fact that you are seeing a video you don’t want to see and just call them Li clicking away. But don’t make up any excuses.

Now you might also stumble upon some situations where you kind of accidentally do something yourself. Now, this will probably primarily happen if nofap is new to you. Because if something is new to us, a lot of the things that we do daily happened subconsciously right? They happen from our habits. And so you might run into some situations where you know you are bored, you are distracted, you are not thinking straight, whatever is going on and you subconsciously out of a habit like open up the dirty website. And then as soon as you open it up you think Oh crap, what am I doing? This is not what I want. You close it back down, right? And now you might think well there’s some sense It was me that did it.

So I did relapse. But if it happens subconsciously, and you recognize it on time, then I would say that is not a relapse, that is something that can happen.

Again, here, you need to be 100% honest with yourself, if you get to the point where you’re watching that video for 15 minutes, and you were touching yourself already. And then afterward, you say, well, Whoopsie, it happened by accident, I was doing it subconsciously, then you are probably lying to yourself, you don’t get that far to that point, without actually noticing it. So you need to be honest with yourself. But if you just you know, accidentally open up that, that dirty website, and then you recognize it straight away, and you just close it back down. When that case, I would say that is not a relapse. 

Be honest with yourself:

Another point I would make is that you just need to be very honest with yourself in general, because I have seen people making up all kinds of excuses. I’ve seen people say, well, it’s my goal to not watch real dirty videos, and then they start trying to see how far they can go right trying to see how far they can push that executes trying to find the limit. And they start watching nude models or something, you know, stuff that gets real close to the actual 30 videos. And then they say, well, but it was my goal not to watch the duty videos, you know, these don’t fall in that category of the real p videos. So I did not relapse, it did not break my goal.

To be honest, you know, I think that if you look inside of yourself, you know, when you are lying to yourself or not, you know that you are just doing that as an excuse.

Ask yourself:

 So you just need to be very honest with yourself, you need to ask yourself, what are your goals? You know, why do you have these goals? And am I making up an excuse right now or not? And I think that if you try that, most people tend to be very good at knowing what is right or wrong. You don’t need to ask me what exactly you can watch or not you? You probably know and yourself you know if you are asking other people, hey, but am I allowed to watch this naked girl on my watch allowed to watch this naked girl? Then you probably already know that you are trying to find excuses. And that this is probably not something you should do. 

Did you relapse?

As a rule of thumb, if you are wondering, did I relapse? Or did I not relapse? Ask yourself these questions. Did you break your goals? Yes or no? Did you consciously break your goals? Or did it happen by accident? And were you completely honest with yourself? And if you ask yourself these three questions, well, you probably get the answer you will probably know if you are relaxed or not. 

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