Nofap motivation: Learn This one Thing

Nofap motivation: Did you know that only 4% of men will truly overcome nofap and honestly only 20% beat the 90-day journey? Now, this isn’t some bs claim of pulling out of thin air. It’s a number I pulled a statistic from a Facebook group, and it’s kind of sad because honestly, they’re making the same one mistake the reason why you are failing to consistently stay strong with nofap is that there’s one thing that once you overcome it know the truth behind it.

Things just kind of go off for you. You see there are two sides to every story. And when it comes to nofap, most videos you’ll see out there focus on all the benefits of nofap you know the superpowers the more energy more motivation goal setting all this stuff the sexual transmutation, it is phenomenal, it is great and it works.

The other side

 But there’s another side of the coin that is more insidious. And if you can leverage the dark side of porn and see what can happen to you if you do not fully overcome this addiction, then you can leverage that motivation to propel you forward to quit forever because honestly, it is the one thing that I use to quit porn for good you know the thought of porn being this Domino that completely sends you into the hell and is oblivion that takes your whole life apart may be far fetched for you if you hear that it may not be the same as me.

I can show you a lot of studies that prove that this thing happens in an article written by Katherine see signal speller and Marcus k Rogers labeled does deviant pornography follow a Guttmann like progression they attempted to see if the onset age of porn use had any correlation to the type of porn consumed. They conducted an online anonymous survey with over 630 people. What they found was extremely alarming about 40% admitted to watching some form of deviant pornography 8% admitted to watching fetishes porn and 5% admitted to watching child porn. There was a direct positive correlation between the onset of the age of watching porn and the amount of deviant porn watched meaning the earlier you watch porn and the longer you watch it, the more you tend to watch more and more novel and discussing type support. 

Why does this occur?

 The answer has to do with habituation and dopamine deregulation. Psychologically heavy porn use may foster a vicious cycle of avoidance and poor skills for coping with stress much as they found in heavy drug users. People may use porn as an escape from real-life stressors and anxieties. Over time zoning out into a fantasy realm becomes the preferred means of dealing with stress. This habitual pursuit of going towards immediate gratification sexual pleasure harms your delayed gratification, the user becomes increasingly impulsive, spending more and more time sitting in front of his computer in a disinhibited state of chronic sexual arousal goals and plans are often sidetracked and he feels worse about himself. This leads to depression and then in turn creates a stronger urge to view more pornography and the vicious cycle occurs. 

Meanwhile, habituation makes things harder and harder to receive gratification. You see what you used to find is exciting, it was a novel that gets you up and gets you off. Now is kind of boring. So you need more of that novel stimulus to get off and the only way to do that is to go to more taboo and unique fetishes of porn. 

Today’s porn users report the ever-helpful statistics are no longer satisfied with vanilla erotica or the in and out in and out kind of thing. They are searching for more Wilder and Wilder fantasies with an endless menu of novel sexual-stimuli available via the mere click of the mouse. 

This process of habituation sends heavy consumers spiraling down a rabbit hole sampling evermore hardcore themes from Vclt to bondage and a myriad of other fetishes. And he listened to the legal risk of child pornography. And about half of male users report that they have found themselves searching for content that is formerly considered discussing and unappealing given what we know about habituation. It’s not surprising that this progression to more deviant themes is common.

 Who’s really to blame for this?

 Now, of course, you should be taking responsibility for your actions. But I mean, porn is so widely accessible. And when you were a young kid, when you were first exposed to this, what was the precaution? Did they show you a menu screen that said are you 18 years old? I mean, this is like giving a kid an endless supply of chocolate and cheeseburgers. They don’t know how to say no to unhealthy food unless their parents teach them so so they’re going to go out to just eating all this crappy food, and they’re going to get overweight, the same thing was done to you because of the regulations on porn are so minimal and kind of laughable. 

What can I do about this?

 You can take control of your life, one pillar at a time, I want you to imagine you’re the architect of your own life. And your decision now is to make a new house and this house is going to resemble the new you that is quit porn, that’s the confidence that has no social anxiety that’s charismatic, that delayed gratification that achieves every goal in life.

Now, when you first build the house, you’re trying to put up the walls and the windows and the roof. And you know, those are all important. You need those to make the house obviously, but what happens is those things are the techniques you’re using to quit porn, the willpower and unfortunately, when some earthquake comes along in the form of stress or isolation in the form of a tornado, your house is gonna fall apart because you didn’t work on the foundation. However, if you take your time, hire an architect.

The stereotype threat study

The 1995 study by Claude Steele and Jeffrey Aaronson highlighted the fact of their study with the stereotype threat. In this study, there are three groups of students. Now there are two groups of black students and a group of white students. They all took the same standardized tests. And what happened was pretty shocking. The first group of black students and the first group of white students, got the same score the same average score, right. But what happened was, the other black students got significantly lower test scores. And the only difference between these two groups of black students was this group that got lower scores put down on the test, that they were African American. 

Now, what happened here? Well, we have implicit biases towards our identity. And when a black person puts down that their African American on a test, they correlate that kind of identity with test anxiety that I’m not good at school. So when they were taking the test, they had it in the front of their mind that this is who I am. And I’m not a good test taker. So they had more anxiety, and they performed worse. 

Nofap motivation: Make it a part of your identity

James clear also wrote in his book atomic habits, and he points out the same thing with runners that if you want to adopt running as a habit, you can put your shoes by the house, the front door and read books on it. But more than anything, what’s going to get you out the door every single day is to identify with yourself as being a runner, when you identify as a runner, that’s going to help you adopt the habit more than anything else. He sums it up here. He says the ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is going to have it becomes part of your identity.

 If you think about it, that’s the one thing that’s gonna help you overcome this addiction. When you look at your future self, the guy who wants to become the best version of yourself. Think the reason why you’re reading this article to this point, which is, you want to become that guy, you have to go to your belief structure, you have to create the right foundation to change your belief patterns. 

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