Nofap extreme withdrawal symptoms

Nofap extreme withdrawal symptoms

Nofap extreme withdrawal symptoms: There are many tough things that I’ve been through in my life. But one of the things that I won’t go through ever get out the withdrawal symptoms, or the withdrawal pains from PMO addiction. 

Now, I’m going to talk about the different withdrawal symptoms and some of the things that you can do to identify and alleviate them. This is so important because most guys who struggle with PMO have no idea what the symptoms look like. Usually, when I’m working with a client for the first time, and you know, he’s successfully stayed off PMO longer than he ever has in the past, usually a few weeks, I’ll check in to see if he’s experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. And usually, his response is like, Nah, man, I feel the same. 

Nofap extreme withdrawal symptoms

However, they may be experiencing something like becoming very irritable, having lots of insomnia, you know, inability to sleep, restlessness, random pains and aches all over their body, anxiety, crazy mood swings, and much more. And withdrawal symptoms from PMO addiction are extra important because they are both physical and emotional. 

When you can’t identify these symptoms, and you don’t have a plan for dealing with them, you usually end up slipping or relapsing.

In my experience, withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from three to 12 weeks, sometimes less than three weeks, but rarely more than 12 weeks. 

How do we deal with these symptoms?

Identify your withdrawal symptoms:

 The first thing you have to do obviously is identifying your withdrawal symptoms. And the best time to do this is usually let’s say, you know how you get to like 7, 10 or 15 days, whatever the number is for you. Before you usually relapse, when you get to that point where you’re extremely horny, where you’re so turned on that your mind keeps thinking of relapsing every moment. Now, that moment, and you know, what I’m talking about is the best time to identify your symptoms, write them down, make a list, right? Whether it’s insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, migraines, keep listing them down as they occur, even if you’re not sure, write them down. 

Write that down 

The second part is to write down what you will do to handle or relieve each of your withdrawal symptoms. So of course, you know, you can’t rely on PMO. But here are a few examples of what I’ve used in the past while I struggle with my withdrawal symptoms. For instance, when I experienced mood swings, I would take a moment to write out my feelings.

So if I was in a social situation, I pull out my phone, and I would write down you know what I feel, I feel annoyed. And next to it outright out, I’ll type out the way I feel. And I feel annoyed because Jessica made fun of my shirt or whatever. Then I asked myself, does Jessica’s opinion of my shirt count? Usually, by this point, you start to realize how irrational your thoughts are, but you’ll never find out unless you write them down. And when I was experiencing anxiety, I would simply take a moment to ask myself, you know, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen? 

Nofap extreme withdrawal symptoms story:

Back when I was in college and money was tight, I often experience anxiety connected to running out of funds or not being able to pay bills. 

Now, as a withdrawal symptom, my anxiety became quite unmanageable. And it funneled into this fear of being broke. In these cases, I would sit down and ask myself, JK, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen? Then I’d write out the consequences and see if I could live with them. Or I would come up with some alternatives. So for instance, I might have my phone cut off because I haven’t paid a bill. So the alternative was getting a prepaid phone, it sucks. But that’s what I would do until I could afford to pay my bill, my bill, I could get kicked out of my apartment by I could hit up my best friend and ask if it was cool if I crashed on this couch, and paid him some money until I was able to get back on my feet. 

When you write out the worst-case scenarios and accept that you can handle them, your anxiety doesn’t just disappear. It’s always there. It just gets knocked down a few notches, and it becomes more manageable, and you can act despite it. So there are so many withdrawal symptoms, and they vary from person to person. 

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