Nofap bad habits

Nofap bad habits

There are many bad habits that guys mostly do, which will lead to a relapse in the end. So, how to deal with Nofap bad habits?

Nofap bad habits

Social media

So the first one’s probably a no-brainer. And that is social media and this thing, a lot of guys who stop PMO immediately start to go on their phone a little bit more. Now, this is a replacement habit. Because what are you looking for? When do you go into this thing? You’re looking for notifications. And what are notifications, there are simply just little pockets of dopamine that we’re looking for. Right?

A lot of times we’re looking for connection comments on Instagram or just likes, all that stuff releases dopamine just a little bit, a little bit of a hit. So, unfortunately, what happens is that when you stop PMO and you’re using social media at the same time, you just are more likely to get triggered and go back to nofap. Or back to PMO, because now let’s admit it like dating apps, Instagram, those things trigger you a lot. So what I tell my clients personally, is to do a 30-day detox of Instagram of dating apps, if you don’t need it for your business, it’s not necessary, completely deleted off your phone just for 30 days until you get that initial boost that you need. 

 Junk food

The second negative habit is eating junk food and not working out. Look, the way you feel on the inside is a direct reflection of how you act in the world. Therefore, when you eat like a cheeseburger, right, just a fat hearty cheeseburger, which sounds amazing. I know. And you don’t work out your kind of lethargic on the couch all day, you feel like crap. And so when you start to feel like crap, you do other things that make you feel like crap, that immediate pleasure. So we start eating healthy, we started talking like wheatgrass shots and working out straight in the morning drinking freshwater, not soda, you’re telling your brain a couple of things. One, you put off immediate pleasure. 

And two, you want to be healthy, and you have a direct causal link in your mind that PMO is an immediate pleasure. And it’s not good for you. So, therefore, if you’re doing other habits, like eating healthy and working out, you’re much more likely to stay sober and not go back to PMO. 

Making nofap harder

Now this one’s kind of interesting. So hear me out. Look, depression cannot hit a moving target. And the thing is, is that when you have nothing to do, you’re feeling bored, which is probably one of your biggest triggers, you’re going to find something to fill your time. Now a lot of times that is video games, a lot of times that is you know, numbing yourself with social media like we just said, But another way is PMO, right? And so when you procrastinate things you’re putting it off, it means you’re not okay with the present moment, to be okay with the present moment you stop procrastinating, you find exactly what you need to do throughout the whole day. And you do it as a super simple routine to just start in your daily life. 

Right before you go to bed. Look at your next day on your phone on your calendar have exactly what you’re doing hour by hour. And that can you can even schedule in like your downtime. Instead of mindlessly going between social media apps or checking whatever you do to waste your time. Like cool, like, this is what I’m doing every hour, and I can look forward to unwinding, watching YouTube videos, etc.

Instead of just kind of using it kind of to escape. right this is one of the biggest epiphanies I heard is that when you’re constantly distracting yourself, while you’re relaxing, you’re not getting the benefit of relaxing. But when you make your relaxing time conscious, like okay, I get to relax from seven to nine at night, two hours of just like, like letting go on how to do anything to think about anything. I’ve worked a hard day.

So that makes you just more balanced in your life. As opposed to just always having your mind somewhere else. That’s what procrastination is. You don’t like the present moment you don’t like how your life is. So you’re just escaping, escaping. So stop procrastinating and start doing things and getting them done. 

Lack of sleep

We undervalue how important sleep is in our life. Now, if you’re getting a full eight to nine hours and you’re still tired, it’s probably a couple of reasons. You know, one of the biggest is that Well honestly, you’re probably looking at a screen computer, phone TV an hour before you go to bed. That messes with your REM cycle I’ve talked about plenty of videos on how to get a good night’s sleep but another thing is man is like a lot of guys say that they have these intense urges at night and they can’t fall asleep. That’s because you didn’t use enough energy throughout the day consciously.

Like if you said your day like procrastination had read before this, where you are just constantly working like you’re like a motor, you’ve worked out that day, you’ve expended all this energy you should be passing out, after, you know, 14 hours, like you, should be exhausted and needing sleep. But if you constantly are distracting yourself with mind-numbing, you know, dopamine hits, and you’re just not accepting your reality and you’re eating crappy food, you’re gonna have all this extra energy because you didn’t use it.

I’m telling you, all these sudden all these habits supplement each other and of course, nofap. But sleep is vitally important. So as a reminder set a time in your phone, when you have no electronics, this is a huge difference. And then literally track the next couple of days. Just do this for one week, track how you feel in the morning, I guarantee you, you’re going to feel amazing when you’re feeling more amazing. You’re going to do things that keep you feeling that way.


Now, when you’re isolating yourself, you’re feeling lonely right? Now, when you’re feeling lonely, you’re not liking what you’re doing. You’re not liking reality, you feel anxious, you feel depressed, and you’re going to go back to escaping PMO, right? So I’m telling you, it is super important to make it a daily habit to make it a routine to call a sibling or best friend or at least text one person a day that you care about. 

Reach out to people go out and go on random walks at the end of the day, or on the weekend, plant up be around people more I know it’s hard and quarantine I get it. But try your best to decrease your isolation. You know, doing things on your own and keeping this thing to yourself and just living a life where you’re just completely alone. And even if it seems like you’re talking to people through this thing a lot, which is you know better than nothing.

That nothing beats have one on one conversations with someone if someone laughing with you, someone like understanding how your day is going, what you’re struggling with sharing your dreams and goals, all this stuff that connection. Connection is the antidote to this habit of this addiction. So stop isolating yourself now. These are the five habits and you know, if you need support and you need more accountability, you need a group of guys that can support you that knows exactly what you’re going through. 

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