Nofap Aura

Nofap Aura: how Nofap can develops your aura?

Nofap Aura: Talking about the aura that when you start practicing semen retention, or nofap you develop a powerful presence within yourself, and others feel the presence but I want to get in-depth and in detail in this one. 

What is an aura? 

So we’re going to start by that an aura is an energetic field that surrounds an object or human being it’s an atmosphere that you feel around a particular thing or human being.

So if you are in a room and there’s a negative person that walks in person, that’s the president negative, the body language, the emotions, and the thinking will carry out and transmits throughout the aura, the energetic field of the human being. And people feel that man. Whereas if a positive person walks in the room is full of life lives at the moment cheerful, optimistic about things you feel his aura in a good way. Depending on your personality, depending on what you’re thinking in your emotions, and stuff like that in general.

How Nofap can develops your aura?

That will carry out throughout your energetic field man and people sense of that. because everything’s got to order a man even animals have orders here man, people have oarsmen. Animals have orders objects have ordered. And when you practice nofap and semen retention, that is the job boys and girls. Because you’re retaining your lifeforce energy, if it’s a female, it’s estrogen, if it’s male testosterone, you are keeping your seed and what makes you a powerful energetic person and keeping that within the human. The most powerful thing in the world, I think is the way you see life, your outlook on life, and the way you see things, man.

Your aura will define your lifestyle

A lot of people have been traumatized in life that something has happened to them that’s made them have a more powerful aura, and more presence, more charisma, and more confidence within themselves. You know, if it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t be who they are today. And I’m pretty sure each one of us has been through something in our life. And I’ll guarantee you that that thing that that tried to put you down and that thing that tried to hurt you made you a more powerful person, yes or no. That made you more powerful, that made you wiser. And that made you more confident in yourself, man. And it’s true. If you go for something, you come out like a lion it comes back becoming wiser and smarter. 

How do I know if I have a good aura?

When your aura develops, you know, you carry yourself better. Your owl and your thinking patterns are brighter. The way you see people and you see things is more clear and in perspective, of treating others the way you want to be treated and seeing things in a positive light. And I think that’s what is an aura in this and this is this the shield that you carry in front of you, man.

Now when you’re practicing sexual tension, the testosterone builds up slowly, but you feel this energy within you that just grows, grows and it grows and expands. As long as you do not release it, man. And we didn’t release it the aura gets more powerful and powerful men. People sense it people feel that women feel that men feel that even animals feel them and believe it or not, are you probably saying I’m a weirdo, but this is the truth.

How to use your Aura on nofap?

So take it by a grain of salt. Just because you have a powerful aura doesn’t mean you can get out stuff. destroying things and being an idiot. No, use that aura and use that powerful force that you have within you to drive to do better things such as if I always say to people who send me messages on Snapchat, that if you’re, if you’re practicing center attention, you know, and you feel like you have the urge to, to let it out, go into a workout, go read a book, go do something positive than negative men, because let’s say now, you practice retention, any guy, let one-off, if you’ve been 40 days, or 50 days, or 60 days, even one year, and just let it out, you have to go back to zero, man, you got to start all over again. 

My point of what I suggest to do is suggest you do is take your thoughts away from last. Take your thoughts away from what’s distracting you, no guarantee you, you reach your purpose. And I’ll guarantee you, you become a real warrior, you’ll be the master of your own destiny man. And this aura that you develop, you feel it and you sense it within you. It’s your shield man, it’s your guardian angel. 

It’s a life force within you that transmits within your body through all the vibrations and in your system in your mind in your heart and your soul just become in harmony, they become one and once you are one and balance as a human being and doing things for the righteous in a righteous way. Allah will automatically give you this powerful presence that only you get to carry a man. 

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