Nofap and Chronic fatigue

Nofap and Chronic fatigue

Today I’m going to tell you how to turn those boners into rocket ships that you can ride to your dreams. I’ve been escaping my issues for so long by smoking, fat, fapping, etc. I’ve stopped both, and I’m in a place of discomfort. But I’m kind of in a transient. I’m kind of in a transition mode, where I’m still sitting around doing nothing with high levels of anxiety and depression, I feel generally overall tired and weak, which keeps prohibiting me from working out. How to deal with Chronic fatigue on nofap?

What if every day you feel a little bit slower than the previous day because of nofap

 I think these are great questions. Because these are things that I experienced myself and my journey through the initial stages of nofap. I just felt drained, I felt depressed. I felt like I had no motivation whatsoever. And it sucked. And I was freaked out because I have all these things I’m trying to do. But if I don’t have the energy to do them, and what the heck’s the point of doing this in the first place, right. 

Nofap and Chronic fatigue

So I want to tell you today, first off that you don’t need to worry, it’s not gonna last forever. It’s going to turn around completely. And as many of you may have heard, access to energy, and motivation is one of the things that you’re supposed to get out of no fat. So don’t freak out, if you’re not there yet. I’m going to explain all that, why I think that happens, and how to kind of get yourself out of it. 

Why do people feel fatigued during Nofap?

So the first thing I think you need to understand is that we are energetic organisms, which means that we are constantly charging up and discharging energy. And this is how we get motivated to do things, we have three main energetic states, while we’re awake, we have a State High charge, a state of low charge (Chronic fatigue), and kind of a neutral, balanced state. So when we’re in a high charge state, this means that we are motivated to do something. And this hydrolysate is not comfortable. 

Think of when you’re horny, this is a high charge state. It’s like you’re kind of like all filled up with electricity, you just want to like, not feel this way anymore, right. And this is uncomfortable, it’s necessary because this is what gets us to go and do stuff. And once we go and do stuff, we use this energy, and it drops takes us out of that uncomfortable state, and brings it down.

 So if we’re doing something that we are good at doing or we are habituated to do, it brings us usually to it more neutral state. And the neutral states great because we feel balanced, we feel relaxed, but still able to go do something else. The neutral states, but we all love to feel and we like to operate from there when we can. But if we are doing something that we don’t want to do, or we’re not habitually comfortable doing, it takes more effort and costs more energy. 

We go from that high charge state to a low charge state, which no one likes, no one likes to feel lethargic and tired and, you know, have no motivation. Right? And that seems to be what is happening to people who ask these questions.

The habit cycle

 It’s all about the habit cycle, and how in the habit cycle just to recap real quick, you have a trigger, you have that trigger, which causes you to act, and then that action has reward kind of goes over and over again. So you have something that triggers you turns you on, then you discharge it with the action, and then you have the reward of not feeling worn anymore. And when you’re acting, your brain goes into an efficient low energy state where you’re just cruising. 

That cycle has its inertia. Think of it like a wheel that’s spinning, the more times you spin it, the faster it spins, and the more it’s locked into that, that movement. 

When you try to break from that cycle, what do you have to do, you have to stop that wheel and if that wheel got a lot of inertia behind it, you’re gonna have to yank it to a halt. And that is an energetically taxing experience. 

Let’s look at how this might manifest itself. So if you were in the habit cycle of PMO, then you’re probably pretty efficient at it your wheels probably spinning pretty good that habit wheels probably spinning pretty good. You get horny You jerk off and you’re in a state that brings you down to a state of more neutral charge. And from that, so you know, you’re pretty functional. You’ve learned how to kind of workaround with that, and everything. But you see here all this awesome stuff about nofap. So you’re gonna try that out. 

How to stop the bad habit cycle?

When you avoid masturbating, you’re going to have to stop that wheel. And stopping that wheel is tough, takes a lot of work. And you’re going to end up feeling drained. 

Am I going to feel better?

 Yes, you will, you just need to keep the wheel stopped. Because then what happens is, when you get turned on, you don’t need to fight anything to avoid pornography and masturbation. So like that you need to form a new habit cycle and a sense and get that spinning.

Start a new cycle 

 In the beginning, you’re just trying to stop the initial habit, which is pornography, and masturbation. But after that, after you get yourself comfortable stopping that wheel, you need to start a new cycle. And to start a new cycle, you need to know what the heck you want out of life, you got to figure it out. Because if you don’t know where you’re trying to go, what are you going to do with all that charge, you’re just going to smoke weed, you’re going to play video games, you’re going to watch TV, you’re just going to do something useless. 

If you don’t have any dreams or anything like that, and you’re comfortable just kind of cruising through life, whatever, then that’s fine. But I think most of us want to do a lot more. So figure out what that is. And you got to start putting that energy towards that because you’re gonna have a hell of a lot more energy. 

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