Is Nofap a placebo?

Is nofap a placebo? There are guys out there who try nofap and they do not feel any strong benefits. And naturally, they then start questioning all the hype surrounding nofap. Well, there can be many reasons behind why someone experienced just very mild or even no benefits from Nofap.

Is nofap a placebo?

 But today, I’m going to give you a few more reasons and some questions you need to ask yourself if you are not seeing any progress. So do yourself a favor now and answer the following questions as honestly as you can.

 Are you drinking a lot of alcohol? Are you using any kind of other drugs? Are you playing several hours of video games per day? Are you eating junk food more days of the week than not? Are you aimlessly browsing the internet several hours a day? Are you addicted to social media?

You see, all of these are what we call supernormal stimuli. And each of them can be potent enough to numb your reward system if you overuse them. Now, you also need to understand that this sensitization is not an on-off thing. It’s more of a spectrum, meaning one can be more or less desensitized. 

But the fact is, if you are hammering your brain’s reward system with high amounts of some or several of these, then it is indeed possible to be so normal that you don’t experience any benefits from nofap at all. 

Story: Is nofap a placebo?

 I was struggling for years before I finally became free. And this means that I also had many different drugs over the years, on some of them, I saw just mild benefits add on others almost no benefits. And in the beginning, I too was skeptical when I heard guys claiming how amazing they felt. But now I’m going to share what I experienced on one of my streaks with you. Oh man, I remember this streak like it was yesterday. You see many years ago, I also drank quite a lot of alcohol. But during this particular streak, I had decided to go without it for a long time. And there is one evening I remember especially well, I was on day 85 of zero alcohol and day 30 have no adult side.

For 30 days, I had also limited my internet use to a max of one hour per day, almost zero social media. And I was also on 30 days with no junk food. I was sitting there in front of my TV, and there was a documentary going on. And I just had this amazing feeling.

I remember seeing a sunset and it suddenly just hit me hard, how beautiful it was. And the background music that was playing sounded so amazing, I suddenly felt this childlike excitement, you know, like we had when we were nine or 10 years old when everything was exciting about life. Oh, man, that evening, the music sounded better to me than it had done in maybe 20 years. And I had this tingly feeling in my body of just being so alive. It was almost like having feelings of urges in the body. But without the urge to act out. If that makes sense. It was this vibrant feeling. 

I knew right then and there that man, this no BMR lifestyle was working for me. So cutting down on those super stimulating things had done a lot of good to my dopamine system. 

Now, I don’t want you to stare yourself blind at the dais here because again, we are all different. And this was not my first drink either. And as you know, if you have long enough streaks, and your slips are not that big, then your progress is cumulative, meaning it builds up even with some real upsets in between. 

It depends on how long you have been doing nofap

My day 30 right here does not have to say that much as it could be another guy’s day 75 for example, or even my day 75 but on other three if you keep hammering your reward system with stupid amounts of stimuli, and don’t expect to get those amazing benefits either. That said some unlucky guys who are severely addicted might need a much longer time before starting to see any benefits at all, even if they got out everything, and also word of warning here. 

If nofap doesn’t work, do this

If you are just starting on this journey, then don’t try to tackle every bad habit at once because that is just too difficult. Get some momentum going with one thing first and then tackle another bad habit. What you can and should do, however, is well, let’s say it’s your second week of no PMO. And you’re seriously trying to quit that habit for good, you were impatient and you want to start feeling better as soon as possible. So you look at those supernormal stimuli, wondering how you should go about it. 

Well, instead of quitting every one of those at the same time, what you can do right away is to limit your use have zero tolerance for PMO. But then, for example, make a rule of Max 60 minutes of video games per day, and perhaps eating junk food max two days a week, you have to experiment with yourself here and be flexible to find out what works best for you. 

The further you get into your streak, and the less you do those unhealthy low-value dopamine activities, the more awesome you will start to feel down alcohol though, well, if you’re consuming a lot of it, I would really try to cut down on that pretty quickly as it will hold you back in so many ways, and it significantly increases your risk of PMO relapses as well. 

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