How to have confidence and power when dealing with people?

How to have confidence when dealing with people?

Success, confidence, self-belief, happiness, the joy I send to you right now, I’m going to teach you today. But how to have the self-confidence and power when dealing with people with the importance of leading. When we talk about self-confidence, that’s most commonly defined as one self-belief and assumption. That one’s going to be able to perform very well in whatever type of situation as well as get great results. 

How to have confidence when dealing with people?

A lot of the foundational concepts are related to one’s energy, self-belief, one’s self-concept. Well, we can extend that now to our eye contact, our vocal tone, how we’re standing, how we’re moving, how we walk, how we then communicate. There’s one extremely important aspect that we can do all of that, right. And if we fail to do this one thing, we don’t come off as truly competent. And we also truly don’t get the results that we want it. That one thing is leading. 

So by taking action, by leading others, you’re demonstrating a fantastically important competence quality. In my personal life, this was maybe the final 1%. And yet, it’s actually what’s gonna get you the results. Because Surely, we want to be confident, or we desire to have greater confidence or boost our confidence. So ultimately can get some type of results for yourself, and ideally, make the world a better place at the same time. 

Eye contact is not enough

So if we go into any type of situation, and we have great eye contact were a great vocal tool and great energy. And yet, we fail to lead things forward to where we desire, we’re not going to get the results we want. When I finally learn the importance, and then how to build this leadership muscle, I started to get faster and easier results than ever before in my life. I want to communicate to you some of the things that we can do to build this muscle. 

How to become more confident?

First of all, leadership or taking lead taking charge is a muscle like any other muscle. The first thing that we can do to help make it even easier is just get more information, you go into a new city, you can learn about all the different things to do so that you can then become the leader because you know where to go.

If you don’t happen to know you can be taking the initiative to find out where to go, we can expand this, obviously to any type of scenario, that by gaining more information, it gives you more options, so you can more easily be the leader. 

Number two is you need to decide that you will lead. When we talk about leading a worksite, it’s the number three is that the intention behind leading needs to ultimately be for the other person’s benefit. 

How to deal with a girl?

Maybe you’re out with a couple of friends, and you’re going to lead to another place. So that ultimately they can have an experience with you of a new location. Maybe you’re out with a young woman, well, of course, she wants to be led and be given all kinds of fantastic, incredible experiences and if you lead her, then let’s say back to your place, well, that gives her the opportunity of not having all of the social pressure around. 

We can extend this into business scenarios and life scenarios and leaders. It goes on and on. However, you’re leading, though not because you want to get something No, you’re leading because you want to give something to the other person. And if they’re, if they want to come great. If they don’t, that’s okay, too. You’re taking the initiative to lead.

Develop your confidence

The final step is important is to develop that muscle as I mentioned, and a really easy way to do that is to start leading in tiny ways. Maybe you go to a certain restaurant with all of your friends, and you just let someone else order pick. Go order and pick for some other people at least pick for yourself.

Maybe you’re letting things circumstances dictate how you do things during the day. Take charge of that. Maybe you feel like you’re obligated to respond to people’s messages and WhatsApp right when they send that even though you’re doing something else. Well, take charge Have that respond to them when you want to extend this out to whatever small things you’re doing.

Ask yourself right now the question is, how can I be more of a leader in my own life doing really simple, easy, and effortless things? As you ask that question, you will get answered, start doing them. That’s how I started, I started making little, little tiny little leadership things before I knew what I was leading in almost all areas. The final one is to create the identity of a leader, the more we see ourselves as however, we want. And we associate a powerful positive emotion with it. 

The faster our subconscious, is going to adopt that as our reality. I use the analogy Do you remember what you had for lunch? Three weeks ago? Most people don’t? Do you remember your first kiss? Your heart racing, lips coming closer, like the universe expanding? I hope it was good. 

So I think my first kiss was many years ago, it was by the locker and I didn’t even initiate it, she did I still remember it like it was yesterday. The reason why is because there was such an emotion associated with it. It’s embedded in my subconscious. We can do the same thing. 

Use your visualisation 

The more you visualize yourself in whatever scenarios you desire, the more confidence you will have. Because leadership is a key element of confidence. 

If you do this, it’s going to be a fantastic step forward in terms of having power and leadership with people is see yourself, visualize yourself right in front of you, leading other people, then step into that visualization and see how the other people reacting fantastically well and coming along. And you are the leader, that is confidence, leading other people with self-assurance and self-belief and a fantastic result, thinking about their incredible experiences that you’re leading them to. And then add to it how you’re going to feel like a confident leader, you feel likely very great, you feel happy, you feel on fire, the more you feel those things right now, the more you’re creating that as your identity of who you are, you are a leader, you are a confident individual. 

You do all of the competent communication, belief in eye contact, body language, taking up space standing up straight. And now you also lead you to lead with fluidity, ease, naturalness, and people follow you. people follow you, which results in their having an even better experience and you realizing whatever your initial intention was, in whatever situation that includes likely something for yourself, as well as a benefit for the other people. If this video was beneficial for you, give it a thumbs up, share it with some more people.

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