How to get natural dopamine

How to get natural dopamine

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to have more focus? Do you want to be better at problem solving? If you answered yes to any of those, then increasing this chemical dopamine can be your answer.

If you increase your dopamine, you’ll be better off, but we want to get you at the right level. 

This article will be about getting your dopamine levels where you want them where you’re successful, you’re motivated, you have so much focus and drive and you don’t have to take any medication. This article will discuss seven Natural Ways to Increase your dopamine and get you all the success you want.


 Daily exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day will increase your dose, just doing it once will do it. But over a long period, it will not have to say I worked 12-hour shifts as a pharmacist, and just getting that exercise first thing in the morning, sets my day up for success. And you’ll get the same with that exercise. And the thing is you can do anything you want. Throw a javelin, play hopscotch, run with a kite. But if you do wrong, make sure not to run away from your problems. 

Find your passion:

Create something anything painting, writing, dancing, singing, whatever you want. This will raise your dopamine and I remember a study in originals by Adam Grant. They track Nobel Prize winners, and those that did something artistic where they express themselves something outside of science, or seven to 15 times more likely to win a Nobel Prize. And here’s the thing, it’s nothing about it being good. 

Get more sleep:

 If you were to stay up all night, tonight, temporarily your dopamine would be increased but long-term increases your cortisol raise your stress levels and is not a good idea. So getting the best amount of sleep you can. Ideally, about eight hours is what you should shoot for.


I want to check out this book the heart of meditation by the Dalai Lama. It’s pretty good. And I have to say ever since I started meditating, I found my ci I found my center. You’ll get the same results. 

Make a checklist:

 I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff you want to do throughout the day. So much that you don’t even know where to begin. But just write down five things that you want to do each day and prioritize them. And just as you finish each one start to check it off. I will tell you when you make that checkmark, you’ll feel a rush. That rush is the dopamine and dopamine will increase when you’re organized and you finish stuff. So make a list of things you want to do, check it off your list!

Learn how to deal with stress: 

When you’re stressed or when you’re bored. That’s when you turn to your vices TV, social media, junk food, texting….etc. You know you have one, I do too. But it’s a quick fix at best. And what happens when we engage in our vices is that we get a surge of dopamine way higher than our baseline levels. And when we’re stressed or when we’re bored, and we turn to these things, often what happens is that the receptors in our brain decrease, and over time, it becomes harder and harder to have levels of dopamine that are adequate for happiness and success. So, finding a way when you’re bored or stressed to address whatever’s going on. Instead of avoiding or turning to a vise, you’ll be better off and overall you’ll increase your dose.

Focus on the bigger goals:

 It’s great to have a big picture for where you want to be 10 2030 years from now. But in reality, what you’re doing today is deciding your future. That consistency is crucial. And here’s an example of reading. I know it’s important, I’m sure you do too. But with my schedule and what I had going on, I wouldn’t do it every single day. On my off day, maybe I’d read a whole book, spend eight hours reading a book, but because I didn’t build momentum, I didn’t do something every single day. It was kind of getting in the way of progressing it may be doing the same for you. So whatever you do, try to do something every single day. Jerry Seinfeld talks about never breaking the chain on the suggests who absorb the 30 minutes of motivational material every single day. Let me know how it works. There you have it, 7 ways to increase your dopamine levels naturally. I hope it helps you!

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