How to do dopamine detox?

How to do dopamine detox?

In this article, I’m going to give you a step by step guide on how to do a dopamine detox. And then make sure to check out part two as well, because, you will discover how to make sure that the positive results from the fast stick around when you go back to your normal life. If some of you wonder what the point is with dopamine fast, I’m not going to go into that here, as I already explained that my previous articles. 

How to do dopamine detox?

 Let’s get started on how to do a dopamine detox, this dopamine fast will be divided into three levels. And the further you go, the more intense it will become, the more you will have to endure boredom, the cool thing about this is that you can choose how far you want to take it. If you just want to do level one, then that’s perfectly alright, you will see positive results from just doing one level and 10. If you are more ambitious and want to reset your brain, you take it up one more level or remember how I told you in the introduction video that just doing one day is not enough. So each level will be two days, which means that if you go for all three levels, you’re doing six-day dopamine fast in total. 

Level one:

Okay, so during level one, you can have no internet besides work. If you have to work with the internet, then that’s fine. But this means you won’t be on any social media platforms at all. So let your friends know in advance. If you need to talk to any of your friends, you need to call them and talk to them on the phone. But no communication through social media or anything similar. No spanking the monkey, no video games, and of course no junk food.

Some examples of good activities to do during level one are meditating, making a good meal, and doing it mindfully. Writing, for example, writing down your goals and planning walking in nature is phenomenal for your brain, reading a physical book, cleaning your house, do some creative work, or for example building or fixing something. Okay, so are you ready to go even more hardcore? Well, if so let’s move on to level two. 

Level two:

Now you have to become tough because, on level two, the same things that were forbidden on level one still apply. But now you can’t even listen to music, no TV or movies, no processed foods, and no warm or heated food. Yes, you may only eat real food like for example fruits and vegetables. If you are a vegan, or a salad with cheese and maybe some ham and olive oil if you’re into keto or something similar, but no warm food at all, as the point here is to deprive yourself even further, you can do all the same things as on level one here, but now physical exercise is mandatory.

Remember in my introduction where I talked about how painful things can make your dopamine receptors upregulate even faster than zero stimulation. Well, now it’s time to incorporate those painful things. Also, meditation is mandatory here, level two is going to be pretty hardcore. But if you’re up for it, let’s take it up one more level and go to level three. 

Level three:

Of course the same as level two applies here. But here we even add no food at all until the four b m That’s right, you’re going too fast until 4 pm and after that, you can eat your non-heated food as you did on level two. Just remember to drink water and remember to get your salt in during your eating window. The minerals are really important especially since you’re going too fast until 4 pm the next day as well. The intermittent fasting we added here will speed up the upregulation of your dopamine receptors even further but it does not end here because we will add one more thing no socializing.

That’s right. If you have to go to work then that’s okay do all your normal talking there but as soon as you will get home you will not spend any time with any friend whatsoever. If you have a family and live with them then obviously you should spend time with them. So day one does not count as socializing here. Okay, let’s move on to what you should do here on level three. You should do the same as level one physical exercise married And now we add cold showers. You probably saw that one coming right? Yes, during the last level, you will do one or two cold showers on both days and are pretty painful. But man, do they reset your dopamine system. Alright, try this dopamine detox out.

Remember, you are the one who should choose how far you want to go. But at the very least, I recommend level one, you will see some nice benefits from just doing one level. And for those of you who are a bit more ambitious, go for level two or even level three. 

What should I do next?

 Let’s continue where we left off how do you make the positive benefits stick around after you have done dopamine fast? Well, there are a few steps you need to take. Okay, so you can’t just keep blasting your brain’s reward system as you do in your normal life. If you want to keep all the benefits from your dopamine fast, so you will have to make some sacrifices, and here are a few helpful tips for you. 

Grayscale mode:

Enable grayscale mode on your phone. This is something you can do on both Android or your iPhone. And it really helps to turn your phone to grayscale mode means that everything you see on your phone will lose vivid colors, all the apps lose their color. All the videos you watch are grayscale, and even more important, all the bright red notifications lose their biggest dopamine spiking effect. Now the great thing about this is you can still use your phone like normal. But since the vivid colors now are gone, all those hundreds of dopamine hits you normally get from it every single day becomes milder to put your phone in grayscale mode, just search for enable grayscale mode on Google or YouTube. It’s pretty easy to do and you don’t need to download an app to do so. 

Disconnect from the virtual world:

 How have you heard about intermittent fasting when it comes to food? Well, one way of doing that is by eating your last meal of the day a bit earlier and then pushing your first meal of the day a bit later. For example, you stop eating at 7 pm. And then you have your first meal the next day at 11. This would give you a 16 hour fast every day and comes with a lot of health benefits. And guess what you can use this for dopamine to most nights, I turn off my internet on my phone at 7 pm. And during Operation blackout, I’m trying to be as mindful as possible: reading books, writing, I can even watch a movie on TV, as long as I’m not connected to the internet. 

Now it does not have to be 7 pm you can choose what time suits you best. But at the very least try to make room for two hours without any phone or internet at all. before you go to bed. You do not need to be connected to the word 24 hours a day, the word is not going to end if you go dark for two hours, three hours is even better. But hey, do what you can. And then in the morning, try not to rush to your phone. As soon as you wake up, keep the mobile data off while you prepare for your day. 

Personally, I do my morning routine first before I turn it on. And sometimes I even keep it off until about 10 this has helped me tremendously with my brain health. It is like mini dopamine fast every single day. And it helps me keep my brain super focused and sharp. So I highly, recommend you try operation blackout just do a bit of experimenting to find a time frame that is suitable for you. 


 Okay, so if you have not yet made meditation, a daily habit, it is now time to do so just 10 minutes a day will be extremely helpful. Think about it. If you put all the high stimulation stuff on this side 10 what would be something you could do that would be the absolute opposite of that? Well, it would be something you do for a while that means zero stimulation, something that even slows down your thoughts a bit kind of like well meditating, yes, start meditating 10 minutes a day as it will give you significant brain benefits. I’m telling you, there are a lot of studies on how wonderful meditation is for the brain and it will really help you keep your dopamine system functioning on a high level. 

Okay, and so, of course, there are other things you can do to help you as well you know all the normal healthy stuff like physical exercise, limiting junk food, and cut down a bit on the high stimulating video games. So keep those in mind as well. But The three tips I shared today really are the big ones. And if you make sure to do them most days of the week, you will have more drive pleasure, and happiness in your life as your dopamine system will be functioning as it should. 

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