Does Nofap make your voice deeper?

Does Nofap make your voice deeper? A deep voice is always categorized as more of a masculine person, it just sounds like somebody who has more authority over the other when you’re roughly in your first week of nofap and semen retention, you will experience high testosterone levels, those testosterone levels are going to be producing more and more, and you are going to in turn have a much more deep voice than you did at the beginning, your voice box just gets thicker. And you’re able to talk in a way that just shows a lot of confidence and masculinity. 

Story: Does Nofap make your voice deeper?

In my experience, I’ve always had a very high-pitched voice. Ever since I could remember it was from elementary school to middle school to high school to even early college. My voice was not that kind of masculine voice. On top of that, I was a small guy. So it did not look good on me. I just looked like a very wimpy kind of kid, there was no kind of bass in my voice.

My voice did not sound authoritative at all. I’ve taken many college courses on voice and speech communication. And even in those classes, my voice wasn’t that deep, I had to perfect it over time. But see, one thing I did realize was that I was always constantly flapping, flapping did a number when it came to my voice. It just made it so high-pitched, and so feminine. If anything, every sentence that I would say would end up with an upward inflection.

For those who don’t know what that means. It’s like saying something as simple as See you tomorrow. And me with my voice back then it was See you tomorrow. Meaning is a question I’m trying to get approval, rather than me having the authority and just saying I’m gonna see you tomorrow, along with this comes, for me came very low confidence and self-esteem, I did not speak up much at all. I did not like people anyways, and the fact that my voice was so high-pitched, made me sound even more feminine.

So which in turn made me not want to talk to anybody. If your voice is just a lot more masculine, you talk with purpose, you talk with authority, it just shows and they could just hear your voice and realize, okay, this guy is certain about whatever he’s talking about. Even if you may be wrong on a certain topic, people will be willing to believe you. 

You must avoid PMO

Make sure when you’re on this nofap secret session journey, make sure you do not do any kind of PMO or whenever you have any kind of urges do not engage in go straight to your cold shower whenever these urges, hit, or just look for some activity that may distract you from this, it could be something that you’re learning or because it does take a toll on the way you speak, you’re not going to sound confident even if your voice is a little bit deep. But you’re not giving off that kind of vibe or an aura that you know what you’re talking about. Or that you want to help somebody out and turn your voice is not going to have that masculine projection.

Eventually, when you engage in urges, there’s almost a guaranteed 100% chance you’re going to fail on this journey because those are going to get back to your brain and your brain is going to start wanting more and more of that until you eventually start fapping. 

Here is why you should avoid relapse 

Trust me when I tell you when you fap probably within one or two months in nofap and semen retention is going to take such a toll on you psychologically, that you’re going to feel like you just completely relapse like from all the entire month that you just had. Even though your brain did wire to some extent, you’re going to feel like you’re trash all over again. 

Girls like deeper voice

Just do me a favor, do not engage in any kind of urges. What I noticed now, after almost 200 days, almost 200 days is going close to it right now, my voice just comes off as more confident because one, it’s just no fap and semen retention factor that’s making my voice deeper and thickening the muscles in my throat. But as well as that. It’s also the fact that I’m learning new things and I know what I’m talking about this in turn will make people take you more seriously. I’ve noticed as I’ve experimented with it on my own just because I was extremely curious.

About a month ago, I started talking to some girl over the phone and I was talking in my usual normal voice before I started my nofap session, I started talking about that kind voice, which is normal for most guys out there, they don’t have a deep voice. And then, about a week later, she stopped hitting me up. And I have no idea why. But I’m pretty sure it’s because of my voice like I just sounded a lot more immature. And this other girl I started talking to, I did the same amount of interest in her as well, I was talking with the voice that I have right now. And we still keep in touch, she’s really into me Still, it’s going great.

Your voice does matter

The thing is that your voice does matter a lot when it comes to showing off confidence and masculinity for those guys who are on this journey. And you have not experienced many benefits when it comes to having a deeper voice. You guys can do a couple of things. Whenever you talk to somebody, and I promise you These will help you and help your voice come out more masculine and more deep. 

Deep breathing

The first thing you guys should do is deep breathing. Whenever we talk to people, even if that person that we knew for a very long time, we for some reason, tend to get nervous and tend to think of what we should see next, they just happen I understand it’s almost normal, it sucks, but it’s almost normal. Well, you guys have to do is start breathing deep whenever you talk to somebody.

I promise you, you’re going to feel so much more relaxed, and so much more calm, you’re just going to give a laid-back kind of attitude where you just know what you’re saying, you get time to think about what you’re saying. Rather than trying to rush through everything you’re trying to say quickly, you’re calm, you’re processing what the other person is saying to you, and it’s going in your brain. And then you can say something and not sound stupid, or say something that comes off as weird or creepy. Something interesting, I found about having a deeper voice is thickening your neck muscles by working them out. 

How to make your neck muscles thicker?

For those who don’t know how to work them out, it’s pretty simple. You take a dumbbell plate, you put on the back of her head, and you just put your head up and down for the back of your neck. And then and you do this on a flat bench by the way. And then for the front of your neck and this area right here, you do it from the back to the front like this, and the plate is on this side of your head. Remember, when is the back it’s on this side of the head when it’s on for the front of the neck, it’s on this side of the head, you just hold it like that. And you just keep going up and down, you know, and do like different reps and different sets. Whatever works out for you guys. 

For me, I do three sets where I just increase the weight by fives, like versus 15, then 20, then 25. And for the back of the neck, since that’s a little weaker than the front, I would usually do around roughly 2015 to 20 reps. And then for the front and access that stronger I will do 25 to 30 reps, three sets. That’s it. It’s pretty simple. 

 I found that this helps me one it helps you look a lot more masculine. For those guys who do not know you guys can even check this out research it. But having a thicker neck makes you look a lot more masculine. You’re not going to believe how much this affects visually. 

Your voice won’t ever really crack during the presentation. You don’t say something that sounds like a question. You’re always relaxed, you’re calm, your throat is clear, and it’s not going extremely dry. Make sure to speak from your chest.

Speak from your chest

Now when I say speak from your chest. What I mean is when you guys talk feel like the words are coming from your chest. And you’ll notice the difference right when you start to do this. start speaking right now say any word and start seeing it from your chest. Just pretend like it’s coming from here. It’s bouncing off and it’s you’re projecting it with their voice. And I promise you, it’s going to sound a lot more deep than adjusted.

Also, make sure to speak a lot slower whenever you’re talking. see people who tend to have really loud and high-pitched voices tend to be females because they talk a lot. I’m not generalizing too much. I’m just trying to put it out there that Most of them have high-pitched voices, they end up talking a lot. And that’s just how they are. And they don’t sometimes they don’t think what they’re saying. 

What you have to do as a man, slow down, slow down how you speak, your breathing, think about what they’re saying, process it, take it out. That’s how I go. 

You will have no deep voice if you keep fapping

If you keep watching Porn and fapping, your voice is not going to be deep, you’re going to feel insecure all the damn time if you’re going to keep fapping. If you’re going to take the Nofap journey, you’re going to have this deep, masculine voice that’s going to attract females all around you and it’s going to be dropping pennies all around you. 

Trust me. I’ve gotten so many more compliments when it comes to my voice. Since I started no fap and semen retention. Anytime a female is like, Oh, I want to hear your voice. I want to hear what you sound like. 

I get compliments like your voice sounds yummy. All those weird kinds of things that females use to describe that your voice sounds more masculine. Oh, for those guys whose voice has not deepened yet all those things I set to try. Please try those and I promise you your voice will get deeper. As you keep doing these things. Make sure to stay away from any kind of PMO porn masturbation orgasm should be cut out from your life. Any kind of these images or stills should never be there. If they are there. That’s okay as long as you did not do it on purpose. 

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